Meal Planning 101

K Lepley Nov 30 meal planMeal Planning 101! I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and getting a meal plan on paper and ready to go for this busy first week in December. If you are struggling with being healthy or losing weight, I can almost guarantee that you are not doing this number one healthy habit– making a meal plan!

Here are the steps I follow:
1. Look at my calendar to see what nights we have events– dinner out, work events, sports for the kids, etc.
2. Plan all workouts and breakfasts first— super easy since I love my chocolate Shakeology for breakfast each day! If you plan your workouts for the week and put them in writing, it is like any other important event on your calendar and you are more likely to stick to it!
3. Plan dinners– easy or quick things on the nights my kids have sports, crockpot meals for really busy nights, and things that make leftovers for an even quicker dinner fix!
4. Fill in lunches and snacks last. Sometimes I use leftovers from dinner for lunches. Other times, I keep it simple with greek yogurt and fruit, or homemade chicken salad.

Then I go shopping— and only buy items I need for my meal plan. I am rarely throwing away food and by the end of the week, our fridge and pantry are pretty bare—- we are getting really good at eating through everything we have bought for the week.

Later today I will post pictures of the SECOND most important step======> Meal Prep. I spend one hour or less on a Sunday each week prepping foods so that I can stick to my meal plan throughout the week. This makes my life easier all week long!

If you need help with this, message me at and we can get started working on your meal plan today! One great thing about the challenge groups I run online is that we walk you through how to do this— step by step— and support you every step of the way. A new Challenge group is starting tomorrow called “Beat the Holiday Eats”. I can help you learn to enjoy this holiday season- with a few treats and cocktails, and get into shape at the same time!

K.L. November 30 fix meal plan

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