Become a Coach!



Are you looking for an opportunity that is rewarding AND fun? Want to use your love of fitness and helping others to earn a living?

In just 2 years, I have worked to build a team of coaches with a shared goal: Helping people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We are moms, dads, teachers, nurses, realtors, all with a passion for getting healthy and fit, and teaching others to do the same!

This is MORE than a job….. it is truly helping others change their lives in so many positive ways! We build a community of support and work together as a team. We have fun, help others, stay in shape ourselves, and in the meantime, earn money too!

We also get to travel— sometimes even for free! Last year, I went to Nashville, TN for a Coach Summit meeting and earned a FREE ticket! This year I was lucky enough to be able to take my husband and make it into a 5 day vacation and work trip all at the same time!

Want to know more? Jump into my next sneak peek into coaching by filling out this form:


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